Material Placement Made Easy

We Place the Material for you.

We use remote high speed placement up to 125 feet from the back of our conveyor trucks, over fences or walls, into foundations and hard to reach areas, sidewalk grade, vapor barriers, backfill tanks, utility trenches, drains, driveways, parking areas, shoulder rock, and other landscape, commercial and residential applications.

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Save Time and Money

No wasted material or effort! Most material placed to grade with our Conveyor Trucks, with little or no hand work or additional equipment. We take the work out of your projects.

In most cases, with little or no handwork or additional equipment.

What We Can Do

Whatever you material you need placed, we can place it. The following is just a sample of what Stone Pro Slingers can place for you:

  • Fill trenches
  • Road & sidewalk grade
  • Backfill around fuel & other tanks
  • Shoulder work
  • Over walls & fences
  • Inside or around foundations
  • Sand over vapor barriers
  • Landscape rock and topsoil
  • Place Bark-o-Mulch
  • Place Sawdust
  • Place Soil conditioners
  • Rock driveways
  • Rock foundations
  • Arenas
  • Place material in Greenhouses
  • Bed pipes and gas lines
  • Deliver and place topsoil and mixes
  • On-site placement
  • Front end Loader
  • Place shoulder rock
  • Bed tanks
  • Throw material into hard to reach places
  • Place rock in ponds
  • Place rock, sand or topsoil in greenhouses, arenas or barns
  • Concrete Work
  • Clearing and grading
  • Haul and place materials
  • Free estimates and site inspections
  • We place the material for you up to 125 feet from the truck to grade with little or no additional handwork
  • …and many more applications!

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